Why Your Business Is Ready For VoIP

Good communication is vital in every business; at the same time, the process can be very harrowing. I can understand small businesses using landlines as opposed a business cell phones to save cost, but let’s face it, using landlines are highly inconvenient and phone bills aren’t cheap on business cell phones either, so, it feels like a dead end either way. Only if there was a solution that could relieve you from the hassle of your traditional desk phone as well as cutting your business’ phone bill and a few added incentives? If this looks attractive, then look no further because VoIP is the way to go!

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an amazing technology used in collaborating calls and videos via an Internet connection as opposed a traditional landline. You and your colleagues can place calls from your computers, special VOIP phones or even regular phones that have been fitted with the application. Therefore, it’s little wonder that more than half of businesses have already invested in a VoIP phone system. What’s even more enthralling is that most of them are small businesses, each with less than 50 employees.

There are a lot of reasons why these businesses chose VoIP for their phone system operations. Here are some reasons why they made the switch, and why it would be the smartest move for your business to do the same:

  1. Free local calls. Those pennies you spend per minute might look insignificant, but you’ll be shocked what they add up to when multiplied by all the employees in your company. The good thing is this is a thing of the past
  2. Discounts on international calls: Does it get any better? Yes, it does, unlike the traditional landline, a VoIP phone system can instantaneously handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls effortlessly.
  3. Multi-platform flexibility: With VOIP, you can forward your desk phone calls to your mobile phone, or any other phone, easily. How convenient is that?
  4. Convenience and increased productivity: The convenience of a VoIP phone system is available to you anywhere in the world, so you and your employees can get work done anywhere
  5. Accessibility to your voicemails online: VoIP also allows users to play, delete or forward their voicemails.

At the end of the day, you are a small business, therefore, you need the most convenient way to communicate with your customers and vice versa. Picking a phone system that you can rely on is all that really matters! So, what are you waiting for? Call in for a free consultation!