How VoIP Can Help Improve Customer Experience


In today’s world of business, customer satisfaction and good customer experience are of optimum importance so as to keep your customers and make them loyal to you. Out of so many things that could be done to satisfy your customers, the importance of a responsive customer care center cannot be overemphasized.

The value of a phone support system in resolving complex customer problems is very important to any business. Customers often believe that a direct phone call will also give a faster solution to their problems.

But here is the good news for businesses, setting up a VoIP business phone system for your business is quite easy, saves cost and has a lot of features to help deliver the customer experience you intend to give as a business.

See 3 selected features put together for you below:

  1. Interactive Voice Response System (IVR):

This is the automated voice that offers you the options before you get to a live person. If this feature is properly integrated, it will help cut down the time spent for a customer to reach a representative. However, this feature needs to be managed effectively. It shouldn’t be too short so has to give a customer the help required neither should it be too long so has to have frustrated and angry customers by the time they get attended to. Rather, automate quick and common problems with your IVR e.g. short codes for transactions, self-help channels and so on, so that you can reduce simple inquires coming in.

  1. Mobile and Remote Environment:

Most times, cloud-based VoIP solutions are perfectly suited for remote environments and mobile because it enables extended support hours. It enables calls being routed to mobile phones of support staffs or telecommuting operatives’ home-based offices.

  1. Convenience:

Despite the fact that phone support remains a very effective channel of rendering support to customers, it still does not mean that they call to be kept waiting on IVR before they are attended to. IVR can be used to help customers request a call-back within a particular period of time. This prevents the customer from being frustrated on long IVRs and it will make it convenient also for the support center to attend to them during lower call volumes times.