Using VoIP To Market Your Business

An integral aspect of running a successful business is effective marketing.
However, sometimes it gets really challenging to constantly condition the minds of consumers to embrace your product or service as often times than not, it is time-consuming and expensive.

It gets even harder for small businesses to keep up with effective marketing as they do not the resources to keep up with the bigger brands.

Not to worry, the great news is that there are various effective marketing tools small businesses can utilize. One of the tools you might not have guessed is your VoIP system! Yes, your VoIP system.

A hosted VoIP can do so much that business communications, your VoIP system can have a huge impact on your business’ marketing strategy. Here are 3 ways to use your VoIP system to market your business.

You can collect Data
One great advantage of having a hosted VoIP is that you get to collect and track important data.
With your hosted VoIP, you can measure how well your campaign is doing and how effective your campaign is.
This provides you with insight on different ways to improve your marketing strategy and create campaigns that work.

Better customer service
Help your customers have a better wait experience when they call. Don’t get your clients bored on hold by having them listen to annoying music or worse, dead silence!
Utilize the power of your VoIP system by creating custom hold messages your callers. You may inform them about your products, services or even special promos.

Toll-free number
Before now, only the big businesses used toll-free numbers which helped them position their business as being credible and made them more accessible.
With the advent of VoIP technology, small businesses too can obtain their own toll-free numbers on a budget, and build a presence.
Having a toll-free number can help boost your market reach by allowing customers outside your local area reach you without incurring extra charges.

More importantly, using a VoIP system for your marketing needs on a shoe-string budget.

We understand that sometimes it can get overwhelming to pick the right phone system. Not to worry, we can help with that.

Smart Office USA provides business phone systems that are scalable to suit your business needs. Call us today for a free consultation!