Transferring A Call With The 3CX Web Client

The 3CX Phone System offers many great features, including a functionality to easily transfer calls to other users.

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Video Transcript

There are two ways to transfer call

Blind Transfer

With a Blind Transfer you can transfer the call without notifying the recipient.

1. While in a call, click on the “Transfer” button.

2. You can select a contact by any of the following ways:

• Typing or tapping the number or the name of the contact you want to transfer the call to.

• Press the Phonebook, Presence, or Call History tabs and select the desired contact.

3. Click on the “Transfer” button to transfer the call. The call will be transferred as soon as the recipient accepts the call or you press “End.”

Attended Transfer

With an Attended Transfer you are able to notify the recipient before transferring the call. During this time, the caller is on hold and the transfer is completed only when the recipient agrees to accept it and you hang up. To perform an attended transfer:

1. While in a call, click the “Att. Transfer” button.

2. Dial the number or name you want to transfer the call to, or select a contact from Presence, Phonebook or Call History,

3. Click the “Call” button and announce the caller waiting on the line. The line on hold will be marked as orange while the active line is marked in green.

4. After confirming that the recipient wants to take the call, click the “Transfer” button, hang up, and the call will be transferred to the recipient.

If the person you wish to transfer the call to can’t pick, just press the “Join” button and your call is re-transferred.

There you have it! No hassle in transferring calls with 3CX. For further assistance contact us.