Tips for Setting Up Your Internet Service- Small Businesses

Small Business often have some difficulties in setting up and managing some areas of their businesses. So in this article, we’ll be sharing few steps on the essentials to consider when setting up your Internet for your business.

#1 to Consider: WHAT ISP (Internet service providers) DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR AREA

This is a very vital step in setting up a good internet for your business. This gives you the room to select conveniently, the most appropriate ISP for your business. The most convenient way to go about this is just “Google it” …or use the FCC’s National Broadband Map. Wondering how this platform works? Quite simple. Type in your business address in and it will return a list of providers in your area. You may use the filter option to remove mobile data.



In choosing your type of internet connection, your type of business and building where you exist largely influences this. Below are types of internet connections you may consider when deciding on which one to choose from.

  • Fiber Optic – You don’t want to be slowed down when working, this is the fastest and newest type of connection obtainable. It has enormously fast upload and download speeds. (You can go as high as 100Mbps or more).
  • Cable – This is also fast but not as fast as Fiber Optic. It can fluctuate depending on the number of subscribers in your immediate range using it. It offers slower upload speeds of 5 or 10Mbps but can go faster when downloading with speed of around 50Mbps.
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) – This is slower than Cable Internet if not the slowest form of internet but most affordable if you are looking to save cost and easy to get because it is widely available. It is a phone-line based internet connection.


These following things are to be considered:

  • Bandwidth (Upload and Download Speeds)
  • Bandwidth allocation (any monthly download limits)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and;
  • Disaster recovery

Bandwidth is the most essential variable to deliberate when choosing an internet plan for your business. your upload and download speed are very vital to the deliverables of your business. From file sharing, to internet calls and project delivery to clients.

Bandwidth Allocation is also dependent on your business and size of your offices. Too much bandwidth might be a waste of resources while less or not enough bandwidth with hinder the business. Click here to view a guide on how much bandwidth you may need for your business.

You should have a Backup Plan for your internet connection for your business just in case of bad weather, system error and the likes. This is where you ensure you get a service level agreement (SLA) for your internet so that it will obligate your provider to fix within a specific timeframe if an outage should occur. Disaster recovery is also very important for your business as it is where your business can transition to just in case your main internet is down. Here, you may opt for a 4G or LTE connection as a backup since is fairly inexpensive.

Overall, if you put this basic points into consideration it will help you in picking the right internet services for your business.

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