Save Time managing your calls with the 3CX wallboard

Customers demand that a call center provides rapid and satisfying answers to their calls — and they will not accept less. Yet, this is the great challenge call centers are facing!

The 3CX Wallboard can help you achieve 100 percent first contact resolution with your clients. It is a powerful tool that displays real-time statistics that are critical to call center management, which in turn, enables you to direct manpower and resources to where they are most needed.

The Wallboard allows you view a variety of call statistics all on one screen.

Follow the steps below to access the wallboard:

1. Click on the “switchboard” button on your screen

2. Select “wallboard” – Here, you have the option to oversee a variety of all the call statistics including:  the number of busy agents, the number answered calls, waiting calls and abandoned calls.   You can also rack the total talk time, total number of callbacks and the average waiting time.

You can also leave messages for members of your team on the Wallboard to motivate agent activity:

1. Click on the “settings” icon on the dashboard

2. Select “wallboard”

3. Enter your personalized message in the “optional message” box

With the Wallboard, you can eliminate waiting time and see that calls go to the best agents for the caller’s needs.