Save Phone bills with VoIP Phone Systems

Close your eyes for a minute, fantasize about you never paying telephone bills ever again… How awesome would that be? Calculate the ton of money you’d be saving.

We may not be able to work that miracle quite yet, but here’s some good news –  you can considerably reduce the price of your telephone bills with Voice over Internet Protocol!

Let’s go the fundamentals, you most likely make use a communication device daily – whether it’s a laptop or a mobile phone. Don’t you sometimes marvel at how you are able to surf the net, chat with your friends, stream videos or even video call at no extra cost, provided you have access to the internet? This is possible because your communication device possesses a unique identity which is known as its IP address. Just like your phone number, your IP address is a set of number that uniquely identifies where your communication device.

Voice over IP allows you to make calls on your devices.

Apps like WhatsApp and Skype are good examples of how technology permits you to make calls over an internet connection. There are also applications and providers that leverage the same technology specifically for business environments, allowing you and your team to make free calls on your work mobile – 3CX is an impeccable example.

With 3CX, you can communicate internally (within your company) and externally (with the outside world), using Voice over IP. The app also provides features like call transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus and call queues.

3CX allows you make calls no matter where you are, provided you have connected internet so you don’t have to worry about roaming your calls anytime you travel.

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