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Checking & Managing Voicemail

Checking your Voicemail

Here you will find information on how to check your Voicemail from any desk phone and also using any phone from outside your office.

Checking Voicemail from any IP Phone

To check your voicemail from any phone in your office:

  1. Pick up the handset and dial “999”.
  2. Press “#”.
  3. You will be asked to enter your extension number, type in your extension number.
  4. You will then be asked for your voicemail PIN number. Type in your voicemail PIN number then press  ”#”.
  5. Follow the voice prompts to check or delete your voicemails.

Checking your Voicemail from Outside Your Office

To check your voicemail from your mobile phone or any external phone when you have no WiFi or 3G connection follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your phone and dial the number your administrator provided you with.
  2. Once connected wait until you hear the prompt “Please enter extension number”, type in your extension number.
  3. You will be asked for your extension’s PIN number. Type your voicemail PIN number then press  ”#”.
  4. You will be given access to your voicemail. Follow the voice prompts to check, delete or listen to your voicemails.

Managing your Voicemail using any Desk Phone

You can manage your voicemail using any Desk Phone, make or model, configured on your extension, by dialing “999” (3CX Phone System default). A voice menu system will ask you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) followed by “#”. The initial options you are presented with, are the following:

  • Dial * to play your messages.
  • Dial “9” to go to options.
  • Dial pound “#” to exit.

When you dial “9” for options, the following options will be announced by the voicemail system. Dial the respective numbers to change and update these features:

  • Dialing “1” allows you to change your profile status.
  • Dialing “3” allows you to dial a number.
  • Dialing “4” allows you to delete all read messages.
  • Dialing “5” allows you change your self-identification message.
  • Dialing “6” allows you to play mailbox information.
  • Dialing “7” allows you change your voicemail PIN number.
  • Dialing “8” allows you to change your greeting message.
  • Dialing “9” allows you to restart the voice menu prompts.

Note: The default voicemail number “999” can be configured to a different number by your administrator. If “999” does not work for you, ask your administrator for your voicemail number.

Managing your Voicemail


When your extension is busy, cannot be reached, or you choose not to take a call, callers have the option to leave a voice message. These messages are stored in chronological order and can be accessed by phone or from the 3CX client. If you have unread voicemails, an envelope icon automatically appears on the notifications screen.

Qka98wmoNqKCIMgGvB1IyArYMK8tYTnkhXOTWKfeCtg8MOLtu6A qt1e162cd4nzQyCWHaw80v2CUKpUJjF8GabFlYnZvb0m11ZJW3hDmSoMImTRhQndmpTjesM15USBBw


To listen to your voicemails:

  1. In the 3CX client, click the Voicemails” cCnLxfPZjMZHKcEh9XaUwxygbreD fY46MsihyNtH6CIPfjH keyPyXqWpZM9zFaBmoLu4m2M C Qiu8H4Mh7BPbhBI4Ncv860IQ PjJY1ak HB9CCacMLuPKxTjFNapQQ icon from the bottom menu. In the 3CX Web client, click on the “Voicemails” Link.
  2. Select, Right-click or tap on a voicemail to bring up the options menu and select:
  • Play – this downloads the voicemail as a .WAV file and will automatically play it on your PC. On Android you may hear the voicemail on your smartphone. The client for Windows gives you the ability to Play, Stop and Pause the file while playing. On a Mac, double click the message and it will play directly from the voicemail window.
  • Play on Phone – 3CX will call your extension and play the voice mail.
  • Call – Calls the person who sent you a  voice mail.
  • Mark as heard or unheard
  • Delete
  1. On the notifications screen the envelope will disappear, meaning you have no new voicemails.


Tip: You can also receive voicemail notifications in your email. Contact your administrator to enable this feature.


Leaving Voicemail for a Particular Extension

To leave a message in the Voicemail of a particular Extension:

Dial *4

For example, *4100, will leave a voicemail message for extension 100.


Customizing your Voicemail Greetings

gW X2g9HCYR5Dx7 4VP  0abTiRPFP4xxAxxzPl3 mizkwanvJ0w4JUBkeIYz6P MnGfXY7irVFiFK9SXwLE99UiRxAexysGFOYknvik8Lwnc8cAwUaC88b4KQlfjkjHiw

A personalized and professional voicemail greeting may be the first contact between you and your customers. Give your customers a good impression by creating a personalized voicemail greeting:


  1. From the Dial Screen click or tap on the Voicemail” button.
  2. Click on the folder button 06CKZ 7NI0YjrJ1wltlepJOMrs9zzz0rF4YKTQpXHJ0BscmTq 33r0fZjGOf9t7lludmG2Rm5YkWo7nGZ5fAc7 pxAKoPVIIJNmuMcKp72pLjRBC44YUuV7pxaVVFaxttw to go to the Set Voicemail Greetings” tab. You can Record Greeting” or “Browse” an existing recording.
  3. To select an existing recording, click the folder button qkktItHLnlFctnbqj60NV SHc8CuNp334N7Ns13jGTM19LJfYPauZuR y5mPJynWK142zb1HGpwk20nmM90EZzOk8wSHNCRFjN7h8J0AdWSexThBlHz  JWa3VZjk3crVQ. Browse to select the .WAV file that you wish to use and click Open.”
  4. To record a greeting, click the Record Greeting” button 6cGTT7KdodX4hQMYbo5DOJfdYgIvnLzHbaiYu6YvukYKAbVwtObFiDnWn0S8xNyT7aYTqyngbEstG8aaV4fTJ9i6WFvbU7W pcBDLDBhE0GCL6ER4JZyXBzJDPChp aUNQ and enter a filename. Click OK” after entering the filename.
  5. You will receive a call from Caller ID “RecordFile”. Answer the call and follow the in-call instructions.
  6. When the call ends you will be returned to the dialpad; Now access the “Set Voicemail Greetings”.
  7. The recorded message will be available for all statuses. Select the status that you wish to set the recorded message for by clicking on the field next to the status.
  8. Click the Voicemails” button Y0jIXZuUY533zvhZcybSIAk sghW8TZSy5qFphra9FvrjmKCQuNq1tmhcmt1xeWQ2YCiY8K7xcL7kOl6FLc08hIoHqSLFJJet1BUPgrH9hRJ7ts8fb9IZtIKquKR4iI6QA to save your changes and return to the voicemail list. To record another custom greeting follow the same procedure.


Important: If you are not able to record a greeting, contact your administrator in order to give you the right to do so.

Tips: You can hear your greetings before saving them by pressing the tbDjpXgiVtpqLuMqf1Q56wI tsqQkGL5Twg7h yJ acrZpSPurEiSFFvaPrAVVNFdfyYeyQdOJwRAXMB5oFC6KxxWOgu4DV9sajJ5FFcSR y7mfiWp3Iv AI9ubNYw 5eQ button for Windows and Mac or dn1mc0ZiBytL 7 yGtCIjbKt6t8e6s7tjAiCpijuWnhQB7GU6pndaDhhYIu4EG2MU6EKmgzGfKki8p k4KvR2AdbSe4iSaoBVMzWZZ mvd6OuKBq3tpnYL8RKeHQmfqq2w for Android. A call from Playfile” will be directed to your extension.


Note: If any status is left to the Play Default” option, and the “Default” field has been set to a custom message, then that greeting will be used.


Customizing your Voicemail Greetings (Web Client)

fPyS9nWgJdoQRr M2nsmkYDp0QubfPqGeQpok4MAePgXQIkRd5YErmfPFZ4CGJhWyQk1 Kp8GD04fALKssXMNNRL16HLZ5H02M1NuLa5xfOC083qf1bwoWUx LFJKJG6rQ

A personalized and professional voicemail greeting may be the first contact between you and your customers. Give your customers a good impression by creating a personalized voicemail greeting:


  1. Go to “Settings > Greetings”.
  2. For each status, select an existing recording from the drop down. Alternatively upload one or record one.
  3. To record a greeting, click the Record Greeting” button and enter a filename. Click “OK”.
  4. You will receive a call from Caller ID “RecordFile”. Answer and follow the in-call instructions.
  5. Hang up, the file will be saved. Now you need to refresh the page to see your newly recorded file listed. The recorded message will be available for all statuses.
  6. Select the file for each status that you wish to use the recorded message for.


Note: If any status is left to the Play Default” option, and the “Default” field has been set to a custom message, then that greeting will be used.

Organizing Conference Calls and Online Meetings

Scheduling an Audio or Video Conference


With the 3CX Client you can easily schedule audio and conference calls, web meetings or webinars. 3CX’s integrated video conferencing uses WebRTC technology, so your participants don’t have to download and install any additional software or plugins.

xbr Sb4pjKqVvA10o4mLJbdp7ynNQ3cfVJWIrmJGg5vIdBDlHyItCd9uc0El5bVyEH8yDq2IWdohBhI0DW 6bLH6PqBE Lri3W VSWEoecOKMMvQKN2eXwOfY8Uf4EFvKg

Scheduling a Conference

  1. Click on the “Schedule Conference” option.
  2. Select whether you wish to hold an audio or video conference.
  3. Select “Now” or “Schedule”. If scheduled, set the Date”“Time” and “Duration” of the meeting.
  4. Enter the Subject” of the conference and add “Notes” if needed.
  5. Enter the Name (if in your contact list) or “Email” address of the participant to be invited. You can also import participants from a CSV file by clicking on “Import”.
  6. If you selected an Audio conference, check Enable announcements” to hear an announcement whenever a participant enters the conference.
  7. If you selected a video conference, you can choose a conference profile.The Webmeeting Profile” is optimized for meetings between people and the “Webinar Profile” is optimized for presenting or instructing participants. You can adjust the default settings for each profile by clicking on the spanner.
  8. Click the “Save” button. All participants will be sent an email with the webmeeting URL they need to use to access your conference.

Using your personal Click2Meet URL


All kinds of meetings play an important role in any form of interaction you may have in your personal or business life. Being available to meet from anywhere at anytime with clients, customers, suppliers or any other individual can be a godsend; why spend half an hour arguing over the phone whilst you can meet with the other party and discuss it face to face. And there is no need to consult your secretary or your calendar to find an available appointment. The Click2Meet feature allows anyone with the link to join at any time and request an online meeting with you; better than just a phone call.


Retrieve your personalized Click2Meet URL

DQBy 6RYiQxRIddMp1G7Uhymabgcq8OU960jR8L5h3kjrEjH4Tu2bIJF7 ewfcV71903KyaLdGj0 3Rpr0HjxdCarE08wr sI78IeXZOjeOHT2b1yeIsm9sdMNzeuKGog
Your Click2Meet URL will be sent to you in your Welcome Email. This link can be personalized for sharing with other individuals. You can even add it into your email signature or onto your website. If your Welcome Email does not include the link, ask your administrator to send it to you.


Important: It is advised to use your personalised Click2Meet URL in “Private Rooms”. Learn more here.


Joining your extension’s Click2Meet

  1. When a third party clicks on the Click2Meet URL, the 3CX WebMeeting interface will automatically open in his browser.
  2. An e-mail and a chat message will be sent to you informing you the name of the participant and his request to have an online meeting with you.
  3. You may press on the links provided in the e-mail to join the meeting or simply ignore the call. You may access the meeting from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Joining a queue’s Click2Meet

  1. When a third party clicks on the Click2Meet URL, the 3CX WebMeeting interface will automatically open in his browser.
  2. An e-mail and a chat message will be sent to all the agents of the queue advising them of the name of the participant and his request to have an online meeting.
  3. You may click on the provided links to join the meeting or simply ignore the call. You may access the meeting from your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  4. Once an agent joins the web meeting no other party can join. They can only join if the involved parties invite them from within the meeting.


Once the web meeting is finished, the agents will receive a report via e-mail.

Joining a 3CX Web Conference


The 3CX Web Conferencing platform enables video and voice communications to take place through your internet browser, allowing you to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or plugins.

Participants can:

  • Meet face-to-face with HD Video & Audio
  • Watch a presentation or webinar
  • Share your screen and PDF documents
  • Request Remote Assistance


Receiving the invite

Once you have been invited to a video conference, you will receive an invite via email which mentions:

  • The title of the meeting
  • Notes from the organizer
  • Date and Time
  • Participants
  • The links from where you can join the meeting.

SXJfrOxiRgmngjKcZaRjh57SXhsA A1CRDIwJ gBqUKEPKKyeYWVt4zTGtrcmD5p0 ydz6xbG7ZsuoZRpw3vCexWHpv0EAo4w7SUZYnMsxQNZ4qVHlXBOl6kP LKqqciGQ

Joining the Web Conference

You will be able to join the conference from your desktop or laptop using Google Chrome and Firefox 48.0 or from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet:

From Google Chrome

  1. Download the Google Chrome browser if you don’t already have it from here.
  2. Click JOIN FROM CHROME” in the invitation email.
  3. When joining a meeting for the first time, a pop-up will appear asking to allow access to your camera and microphone.

Zyvwz6GHyDZr1qvCi12b7sUebOquJ CRVm Nhl71awklTfgUZ NdDRJV52js64MXlPrTHtd1qoBxwCC0JXpHl7FnHzWYPP2uau0UGoYrTxacaWg GIXKTgB92X95S7TCoA
  1. Click Allow” to grant access or Block” if you prefer to simply watch and listen to the meeting.


If, however, you want to use more features of WebMeeting like Share your Screen” or Request Remote Control” you will be asked to install the 3CX WebMeeting Extension.

7d4Cq3 wzSHHzA4A xipZPfd3VtLBzYIwp2H NQaDq4RFzbyJVEglBAcSO2kFblMBr 9nICW5eFl5LJcJ42oK0f1CP x6dMoGdF7gBGf3nRh1wDzXi8rTT8Qu5ZZeJNcKw
  1. Press “Install” and then “Add Extension”. A message will appear saying that the Extension was enabled.
  2. If you have used the extension again in a previous web meeting, make sure that you are using the updated one. 3CX will prompt a window clarifying if the Extension is up to date.


From Firefox

  1. Download the Firefox browser from here if you do not already have it
  2. Click JOIN FROM FIREFOX” in the invitation email.
  3. When joining a meeting for the first time, a pop-up will appear asking to allow access to your camera and microphone.

5Z FSZ9jym2uvTmqREmN4Blfgk7w8uL5T0qMyItA4Vq4Pkz2QCVM4gmgnXrEzZ1adLIiYYxMiwPuOUI2WbqcHcYDW NldSfF9Qp69WjpzvuxP5934jMeW811h8i3LbCtZg
  1. Click Share Selected Devices” to grant access.


Important: “Screen Sharing” and Remote Control” are not supported in Firefox.


From your iOS device

  1. Install the 3CX WebMeeting app. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Once installed, click on JOIN FROM iOS” in the invitation email.
  3. A prompt will appear asking you to open the 3CX app, then click Log In”.
  4. From within your device you can interact in the web meeting, as shown below:

gB1SaFzEWPA8ICz5jHRHU5nI1P9Fh9kxL0b3BXJfuEFWIJ8dASWn FS8KgcWe4VVt1vWjKPP5dqguNUDhNgqbr7KhfkMbblGFQjXCZhDyz2HnIEGP DT1GQw6b00GsrljQ

From an Android device

  1. Install the 3CX WebMeeting app from Google Play.
  2. Grant access to the App for Camera, Microphone and Gallery use.
  3. Open the invitation email on your device.
  4. Click on JOIN FROM ANDROID” in the invitation email.

Important: From the Android version you cannot interact, only participate (microphone and camera).


Smartphone – Choose the camera

When working from your smartphone or tablet, you may discover that the back camera has been activated instead of the front camera. You can deactivate the back camera or set the front camera as your default by touching the screen; a Menu appears which offers an option to switch cameras.


Browser – Could not detect Webcam

In the unusual event where upon joining a 3CX WebMeeting your video is not working, please follow the below procedure in order to ensure your video is up and running again in no time. If your video is not working the below message will appear.


YvsAqnUxEnq1HGtljfQPIRyuVXfALIoZ8h ilTR6MNy4ussYsovIX3AkkbiHXzZS838o d0ikPfHPm OfFDOy IzsiwITOKWcAIzJAgha7HfEv0HxyC77zl8T8FJ1CtwuA

Another method to troubleshoot if your webcam is unresponsive is to check the preview image at the bottom right of the screen. If you do not see your preview image this indicates that there is a problem with the webcam. Also note that the camera icon is red.


The most common reason that causes your video to stop working is if another application is using your webcam. One way of quickly resolving this is by closing all video applications, and joining the meeting again.


If that is not the issue, then your browser may be blocking your webcam.


Let’s have a look how we can fix this on Chrome.

  1. Press on the camera symbol on your browser’s address bar:

A baegsO4 qPBajzdJ9gAxhfkV5LbkpRqtezi4B3NC1Vg6suU8Avq8E20DIjDS6d5a2Ihv6i6BQw0dXQjgelnHy6EH26IrtgPu0GnDRsdL2xxxW86RLYwJQmZG8 dJHRrQ
  1. A new window will open informing you that this page has blocked the camera and microphone:

Du6stQvtUf ZhPFkZanrEUMPo5JmtCahJL0SALAVfQcJtieJ Pfg36BJFCOd6vJ6FSIhOBy tFCiAxymue8TfbTuKRFQVNZYELZsUps szvk3mgUPR0XxzVmIAaMs3W4Zg
  1. Select “Always allow..” and choose the Microphone and Camera to use.
  2. Press “Done” and refresh.
  3. Relaunch Chrome and go back to the invitation e-mail.
  4. Click the join button to join the meeting again. Make sure to “Allow” your camera to be used.


Tip: You can also do this from the “Google Settings ⇒ Advanced Settings ⇒ Content settings ⇒ Microphone and Camera

Holding a Video Conference


3CX allows you to organize video conference calls or webinars right from the 3CX web client using WebRTC technology. This means your participants don’t have to download and install any additional software or plugins.


Some video conferencing features require the 3CX WebMeeting Chrome Extension, install it here.


Important: In order to join a web meeting from your smartphone you will have to download the 3CX WebMeeting application from the AppStore for iOS here and from PlayStore for Android here.


Creating a Video Conference

YDTgIjUD0QnZBkRwErc1Js6JfeTAiXOqFGlARewCs2SG0FdJL5kQsqW Bk2Bd8vk9u1E9yhbyMcZunCWU wSPnws92GVD6nGg3SAysjwmvq2tWWSMjBHQ PkUPJ8FXrU8g
  1. Click on the “Webmeeting” link.
  2. Click on the “Add Participant” button at the left. Enter their name and “Email” address. You can also add participants from the (+) in the Attendees list.
  3. If this is the first time you are using the video conferencing feature then you will receive the below message. Allow the use of the camera and microphone in order to proceed.

zHoz2tjHUV3wpf9DLrl6GKMkbqHPLjuX6t Wy4WxN FQScs59G JHVD10zYs M30sg2eqJ3olidSxbkzJrpZRM4PDIi07fJcVCUtOlleiqQsbCM45locKp47z7PiM1KTrA



You can record your video conference / webinar by pressing the Re3aC4gCsgarfTp0o0AUDrhMO2FT4i2f9a08mhi12jPDyA4khBPaF1HkqtQf44dDNZbVuYeTxQ Lzxkgm5aMXAalgQo6Xu5nolbPYouevSdXQI8AEab3OXO0UtE gOy6JA button. The icon will turn red. Once the participants exit the meeting, the organizer will receive a report e-mail with the download link to the mp4 recording. The recordings are available for 7 days. After that they are automatically deleted.


Screen Sharing

This feature is extremely helpful when conducting a product presentation or collaborating with colleagues. You can share your whole screen, including IM and email notifications, or a single window or application which will only show what takes place in that window.

To share your screen press the Start Screen Sharing” pXBi8TF4zCAz6IVXs84OT1xayMiR nv6Do7P0QFlBTy1w76OBOj34FpcPWVJuOuWuBVa5zQyrmGKCkUtwbiDfJyxDC Ak MRDKtkQQkfhNXpVgrGgG8RtnvUZXPc65Ajlw button. A new window will open with the available screens you can share. Once you share your screen the following message will appear at the bottom of your monitor:

YBZofEwk YQJlvmxw0dB9xMhwzpHVNSLlXgu8SawETioyG08M5z4suW5don2iEEmtHqTurxV2P9RNBhMzsfxxDWd2YFckC9C3Y6K2Lt1byutHXnXUQJKdNb23A8ecMCjAA
To stop the screen sharing you click Stop Sharing” button from the above message.


Remote Control

The remote control feature is an excellent way to provide exceptional customer service and solve problems quickly and efficiently. In order to take advantage of this feature the 3CX Remote Control Extension must be installed. The download link will be provided to you the first time you “Request Remote Control”. A pop up window will appear as below:

GYi7JaDGjKtS0N15DRmlXJ ZCGc fHbIDnsPMJJ6o91AuaSqMT0DETbqfqK9kheTKO zKU3wJewEvPX8JbXOVAoYV ddYpBqgnzDs3y4rtKGv8POP4Dc IOKial KLrvsQ

If the WebMeeting Extension is not installed you will receive a message prompting you to install it.

c9MoEjf lqXVMq9SJj4oRwULy1I5YEN1N5a49Zo8zFp27E3WVacfxlsc nM2hJdJUbq BuHrENx0xWg3 7wFKoKTtBlt7D0PBYyGXMyfiLoEPZjCEAyTjpQTroLb3IYXiw
  1. Only organizers can launch a Remote Control request. If there is no organizer in the meeting then the Request Remote Control” p7 cOFSBjNq Qe xDwy3zK0EtytVrYqWpF3kGYAcIhHZxZHAmeEzeCDlh2sj5CLUSbIn8vlXuosop1PCAAWnCe7q7nuyrybbkP Pu5IYAzhwnwCbuOOTdaiyEtiThSacMQ button will not be available. Press the button to offer assistance.
  2. You will be prompted to confirm offering remote assistance.
  3. The participant will then have to choose which screen or application to share.
  4. To end the session click the Request Remote Control” button or the “Stop Sharing” button at the bottom of the screen.

Share PDF

When in a meeting, notes, reports and presentations are often required. Being able to share those documents on the spot is essential for the video conference to run smoothly. With 3CX WebMeeting you can share PDFs and more with just a few clicks. You may upload it at the time or have them ready in your Repository. You are also able to highlight areas with the tool box on the bottom of the page. To share a PDF document:


WhckYzDQ8EgsSYZmPVLOi F WG9uPCac1PRW4zNEUlcR1Q0uzsssTLO0hRotUqQ DC WpjDhUzYcD4E4683MEMLez4vQQ gMe3WsTG85 ijw2V5VkZ69xmW u 4qdj3h w
  1. While in meeting, click the Share PDF” eg4gyqUt2y1VWtTfkjQ4d62XMvU7jffvJKzUZNQ7kryA1UH KqsBIIUfUE83nK7T0Z6FVn33gFlKRV3GxpSZ0cIYA4INK9kNQUn pAdhTDTecDqzSnfoggzwnICioriJrQ button.
  2. A new window Shared Documents Repository” will open from where you can “Upload,” “Preview,” “Delete”and “Share.”
  3. All the uploads are saved automatically in the Shared Documents Repository.”
  4. Once sharing has been established you will see the document on your screen and you will be able to interact with the tools shown above.
  5. To stop sharing the document press the Stop Sharing” button as shown above.



The Whiteboard feature is an ideal tool for brainstorming sessions, business presentations or online classrooms. To use the Whiteboard:

  1. While in meeting, click the Whiteboard” 3Rn8D43qrx8PxiVTOd1pLNJkZsFRi7ENmWkOsB2pIjhWu2Ce39eEwtpfw8ZwPfblE4U4aJtcLoxw4tSmHAKNCRo2YBxayxAvcI34R9kKd7mpy1hLjC4k7ZswJ7imRrYSbw button.
  2. Choose the template you want to use Blank” or “Dotted Grid”.
  3. At the bottom of the screen you may select between the following:
  • Brush
  • Eraser
  • Text Box
  • Color
  • Line thickness
  • Clear
  • Window layout
  1. To stop sharing the document press the Stop Sharing” button as shown above.


Add More Participants to an Ongoing Conference

  1. From within your browser you can start inviting participants in the following ways:
  • Click the EtV9WDIvLqL5j5vEVcid5w3M1nk5DlRsKwnmcYD8GeINXxD2CadmSumfWqkq2pICEE6yt SQswbzt8ithYGn5CCc mgrZEuqfF6fFWPFSbUKBy1s3HhgOZ7JODQj nh sw icon.
  • Press the “plus” icon next to “Attendees”.
  1. For these 2 methods, a window will appear asking you to add participants by providing the name and email. Then click on the Add” button. Once all participants have been added to the list click on the “OK” button. An email will be automatically sent to all participants with the link to enter the web meeting.

Additionally, you can click on the 5atj2j80miPofVZ3kh5tyGec A8QkawgR1bwj1WYltwJKbtZ0l70A08NFSXHpBVuIrf6SvijBCHVnS3AmzPoExSBIda5F25UO9Eh10JlMIQBV4rU6JdjIGWlG5ewAP26GA icon or the Link” next to the “Meeting Info” in the top right corner of your browser and the meeting link will be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then send the link to other participants.


Note: Participants entering an ongoing conference will not be able to see previous comments.

Moderating Users and holding Surveys


Being able to modify a conference or an online meeting on the spot is crucial for your performance and your customers’ satisfaction. With the 3CX WebMeeting feature you can moderate both the users and the meeting rooms. Imagine having a webinar and suddenly one of your participants starts messing around with the presentation only because you had him added as an Organizer by mistake.


Moderating Users

An organizer can provide additional rights to the participants depending on their role. To change the role of participants in an ongoing meeting press the Change Role” button next to the name.

9T2HAORHktvZeBf1prcRszje7gs9ylonth9JGQUfwtXPVUoJLLljOvnjqfL6BR7VM7T10dlCHl5LSv4JYUJyMsLnsYG716uB4PpQ v7CupaRFs0P80Kwa p8M4DfEdUYmQ

There are 3 different roles:

  1. Organizer – Has full control of the web meeting. Can take advantage of all the available features as well as control camera, microphone and chat access. He can also accept, reject or kick a user out of a meeting.
  2. Presenter – Can only Share screen, Reply to a Remote Control request, Polling and share PDF.
  3. Participant – Can only Request for Remote control Assistance.



All the above roles can react within the web meeting through the drop down menu after pressing the React” mh8ji6EiQT xTzaSTSIzsAkkLne9DLyyFnC2MoYdt  ClFOGyMR07LC77ZuMAR0WW5Dp44xQjCxmy48XgLoHjyEh9mXgZTLIn6x o6uDwB5VPrI0J4lFkZYGfVm7tN3grA button, as shown below:

HToXhE6HUrb5ebab6wRxQcgaMQ2Lff3r M cKHOVePgFJD 5eioWeoFaZ0Ax4BU pslXJGzPZyjq3r7ML5 SNBM6S9H6mNE3GtFT a6pBr8OH6sQIMXz3sk4aujP9wBHZA

Users can also Vote” when a Survey/Poll is conducted by pressing the xzYq2FGRyDPUiob1WNeVZSuqX7olnRNO2K0ITMbPcIfIehAp9ZppMVq9f76fH9 Xf6R3SAlZK6yfPZSRjV7uhrR3g8zFPXzFD12N6o1S  krnOqbixqKQqNDulricar7hQ button.


Kick a User out of a Meeting

Organizers also have the ability to kick a user out of a meeting. Click on the user’s name and the Kick option will be available to select, as shown below.

xoWjEdansf50VbOOZ H9jjxpLkybRdgpDreSlL KUbpqCzDAd5wGKZTgQgoWA8wevekdjsAs znGTBY4kfDCiLlkXmATXOBXDtU EI2q7tUx3JPVpkSbaP 4wXopJY150w
Once the participant is Kicked, he will receive the below message and will be removed within 3 seconds.

HvvefhC3lUd1ThZz4io4flewSiBnlELEfQvLTgDnJv9yrORFBWshvxueyrWkCgTiVPs4Lj3TyQwLmyn GW0i0nH AALVZgcS3xoKcMtQGwM7cuEQo8DMV2G zutk1PJjzw

Users who have been kicked from a meeting have the ability to re-join the meeting. Kicking a user is not the same as banning them.


Accept/Reject Feature

An Organiser has the ability to Accept or Reject participants who are trying to connect to a meeting. This feature is available only if you have the rights to “Moderate Participants” and you are on a “Shared Room”. These options are set by your administrator.


Moderate Meeting Rooms

Why would someone want to moderate their online meeting rooms? 3CX WebMeeting offers many benefits, depending on the project and your working field, on how to handle the meetings better and more efficiently. There are 2 categories available with 3CX: Private Rooms and Shared Rooms, both of which have to be set by your administrator.


Private Rooms

This form is perfect for use in support, customer service queues, or any type of online meeting where a 1-to-1 meeting is essential. Anyone who attempts to connect to this meeting will be automatically redirected to a privately generated meeting room.


Private rooms can be used as your personal Click2Meet link or in queues. Once someone clicks on the WebMeeting link his browser will automatically open. The joining procedure is exactly the same in all WebMeeting forms. Once the participant is logged in, the system will send an e-mail to the extension that the WebMeeting URL is assigned to.


eHv3V6cfUq6 osZaWmRLMkp oaH2kTtX3K1qI5pFYLL1dSZmPOymhS5s5Ai8P okvicsBNOz7it7qSaLb mhHDPLTmlhn VqrZDEacHXQFOZHbjARf  myG0yB4bTQPmQg

Note: You are only able to join one room at a time. You can always log out of a web meeting and join another one to inform them that you will be with them shortly, and re-join the previous meeting to continue.


When in a queue, all the agents of the queue will receive the Email informing them of the “3CX Web Meeting: Private Room”. Once an agent answers the “call” the others will not be able to join the meeting. You will also receive a “Chat”message with the link to join.


Shared Rooms

This form of web meeting is used for team web meetings and webinars where more than one person should join and participate. Anyone who presses the link can join the meeting at any time.


If you want your participants to have restricted access and to be able to moderate them at any time as an organizer, then you need to have enabled the “Moderate participant” through the management console (this requires the administrator). When this mode is enabled the participants can join the meeting only when the organizer is logged in. The organizer then has the option to Accept or Reject their request.


This can also be helpful when kicking a participant out of the web meeting if you do not want them to re-join.


Create Surveys and Poll your Audience

Surveys are a great way to enrich engagement and add value to your web meetings or webinars. A survey is a great way to get responses and gather data regarding a specific topic while polls can give value to the other participants’ ideas and suggestions. With 3CX WebMeeting you can actively engage your audience and enable them to provide feedback. To create a survey:

  1. Click on the Create a new Poll” sY9Q7F sIH2AsodjVWkGnpHkbwMk OB5VjhLWNQJjKTDyG1F3VnGZMe59gIBvrczCS3Z2OyxeFamaaQbmypRMj5zbpPlhKlUjLgQu6pZElTN42VATAEdXaxOCoSU6nrreg button.
  2. This will open the Polling Repository” window. From there you can create “New,” “Edit,” “Delete” and “Submit” a poll. Press “New” to start a poll.

rIchO4DQ5HgNz lgIeLHK3Gb71f8uLU7tsrU BSn8mGQtJdTPZHDTXYkVFuw2MGBDQvq AtTONqnlPjyP4gT6IXkAUvpSBFM6kuNhAaUW4yXo FSbfsosRnbkWkLEsz56g
  1. Fill in the details required:
  • Description
  • Question
  • Answers. By default there are 2 answers. You can add more by pressing the YBFqlY6l2xgMKLAO3zZ0VcJ4UbTG7umr6oUfZRAeTiI7SXWRMhs IaUJh2Bu5WgRGtjeoPe97BpX5zie0M7P81dYjUJOmh1hhSo4YSdOYstLbE2GTVf6wo6o4IxUQ5cR8w button.
  1. Press “Save”. The survey has been added in the Polling Repository.” Select one of the surveys saved there and press “Submit.”
  2. The Following screen will be shared with all the participants.

8n1KMvU9fwYx5gjjYhcNYD6sXhqaNGefqFx k G243ObJsOCXUNdFx3xX1MqLfKWGBl2TvedHSPc6 K2gPSjiNlIFT5X59a8YRKqJ7B9g8K1sttcqx1kcJf6owIGbfzZEg
  1. As long as the polling is ongoing the message under the Description will be set to “Waiting for Answers and will provide a real time summary of your participants’ answers. As soon as all of the participants have replied the message will change to “Polling complete!”
  2. You can Close Poll” at any time or “Stop Sharing” by pressing the respective buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Phonebook, Recording, Dial Codes, Chat

Using the 3CX Phonebook


The 3CX Phonebook allows you to quickly launch calls without wasting time finding a contact’s number and subsequently entering it in the phone, eliminating misplaced calls from mistyping the number. Not only can you dial numbers directly from the phonebook but also perform a host of actions that can also save you time.


The Phonebook

  1. Click on the Contacts” NvPrzQlg0g U7nhC666oaUjxIBwfOacU33WzCWQFAfSPcP2XWbqHkBdPUDTWDmJKZ3xzyrST3 fyJwobLGjnXlTFYRxFpqHl4CW53yYh9wMFiB8GMyiZ4w4CCOPk1Dl5 A button at the bottom menu to access the phonebook. There are four types of contacts in the 3CX Phonebook (contact list):

v0sKhpJ9qEbvd1bC2RDFB989 HHCJdnDvp0QtpssKPNzZHH0 IDr1xWdXzsRSTRpGEWwe33Js7PVA yNnRqEOOLIJUXVFG2Cw7cuehmS6tX83q1dwHtsK0W0ceqpSVZs6A
  • Company Contacts7xZP9BK n5mo86oZcv3hehb45Qh2CBUyDyPeVfcOs1eSavTper1Euw4f3qQPtvUeSrQyKPqDgN605sxDzkQzmSp6zDoqDjz2 n3GuEsttDBoTrHasbyzRfxbrZezVGSXJw (or picture): Contacts retrieved from the PBX.
  • Personal ContactsjOGN 5r46puXshFjffTcxkVMjqiyHEgkClldVnoGv3Z81jvyc8nybl XKDLnXnxKI9j0chDIdsAagqlAAJe2wUAgoCiefR0Ts 1Y6rDkF9ajrOWRsz4dxmrq5lANNrK pA (or picture): Contacts added by the user and can be seen only in the user’s client.
  • Extensions gIOcQZcVE79BmMsKIOxhZhlNtaUhud5f w W1PwC6uSpriK6ru5ugvd6pTt9wXnw3UX4F1jAnyzvOc2aZTkFoc6j0mjqmQU  KQfFiNE8aoyxtcgdQ3cgq15juXigd8M4w: Company extensions. Available only for Android. In Windows, Mac and iOS the Company extensions can be accessed from the Presence view.
  • Mobile Phone Contacts Android DmNH3U9IFwVlworyG32opC nA 0zTrCVpQTR tJJmACUksV FsutX8PKUODGqalhkfKI7F4Psbwqd1gaGwjzoFDh4GYdArHlbuyAyeG3OAQiExxSLKpJVpPu0QsGCzeXUA, iPhone1VsSYlt8m22jk4EFQjaoKku5mjyXFP0osUoDOixnWfePMyYnhb0GxxHBxFivMOpSjYh0om9kswaVHyRur0HCY4RU3XbeWBhkfld81IlIllL1HM09aQBgyOY4d4vItgXOAg: Contacts retrieved from the user’s mobile phone.


Adding Contacts

  1. From the Quick Menu select Add Contact” or press the NvPrzQlg0g U7nhC666oaUjxIBwfOacU33WzCWQFAfSPcP2XWbqHkBdPUDTWDmJKZ3xzyrST3 fyJwobLGjnXlTFYRxFpqHl4CW53yYh9wMFiB8GMyiZ4w4CCOPk1Dl5 A button and then the plus button. On Android and iOS you can add contacts either by pressing the Va0KidQwFjq1zbANoEefxWYuyLJkwCHX8EE5YZ3hCbqYf1aX2hT9 0nWqyLkP0vr 84L7HVUKu6HU6LgnowNy9FTbLh9mE33rquqgQvP9ohQs1Y aNdjiEX1EuL6dtzkmw on the dial pad or from the “Contacts” screen by pressing the plus sign.
  2. In the new 3CX contact screen fill in the contact details.

CJZ0fQZCqqB y1DXk0NU0yxpgmP5FDCfHolrjNwciNjrqFcNSotto9t2dB5VTMrWrbdSvjKSXtZtTmEgQQJvprkSXcQuKMEKlRdOmJuC0bdFGlMQNj wqtxf0s4  0Ooew
  1. If you have the rights to create company contacts you can select the Add to company phonebook” option. This option will save the contact to the Company Phonebook, allowing all users within the company to access it.
  2. Click on OK” to save the contact.


Note: From the 3CX Client for Windows you may also Sync” your online accounts to import contacts. You have the ability to sync “Office 365” and “Google.” Go to “Settings”“Import Contacts” and fill in the appropriate details. In order to add a .cvs file you have to contact your administrator.


Searching for a Contact in the 3CX clients’ Phonebook

  1. In the search field at the top of the contact list start typing any contact detail of the contact you are searching for. This could be the name, email address, or phone number.

TXFncQJ5f3AvolHeA6VNwFdLalO I6aenh4POXMaMqj83jggLeW90T3INZxTWc8C1Jo8J5I6fFRuBs3uOyKJOpwLL07bZ3huamTBNCJphMPavlJirKRpCZ p3t59O93i w
  1. While typing, the contact list will begin to filter and show the results as you type.
  2. You may choose whether to call their extension, mobile or company phone as shown on the list.
  3. In Android, tap on the desired contact to choose between the available actions.


Note: The Search function for the Phonebook is not available in Mac.


Editing Contacts

  1. In Contacts oFPnjD4I3bWS uuNKae4Z7Y Ar9rrRgdbdg 7ARaECcHSQtvSMU5vameBV1EHe8KGq55I6EtySCHq c UwMFk3my9hADTYWZ QNDuaPbqW7Q8HJpPudxpAwrcOxGrzhq2Q, scroll down the list or search and find the personal contact you want to edit.
  2. Double click, right click or tap on the contact to view the contact details page. Select Edit”.
  3. Update or change the contact details and then click OK” to save the changes.


Deleting Contacts

  1. In Contacts oFPnjD4I3bWS uuNKae4Z7Y Ar9rrRgdbdg 7ARaECcHSQtvSMU5vameBV1EHe8KGq55I6EtySCHq c UwMFk3my9hADTYWZ QNDuaPbqW7Q8HJpPudxpAwrcOxGrzhq2Q, scroll down the list or search and find the personal contact you want to delete.
  2. Double click, right click or tap on the contact to view the contact details page. Select Delete”.
  3. The contact will be deleted and you will be returned to the contact list.


Important: To be able to add, edit or delete company contacts you must be given the right to do so by the administrator.


Note: In the 3CX Client for Android you cannot edit or delete company extensions or contacts retrieved from the smartphone.

Call Recording


You can record calls for compliance or customer service improvement purposes. Recordings can be accessed from both the clients and the management console.


Note: Recording must be enabled by your administrator for your extension. In order to view the Recordings list the administrator must give you access. If not the recordings will be accessible only by your administrator from the 3CX Management Console.


To Record a call

Ja64edY6d9f1FCr3kUpkIe2DUDRMuwJxfyaP wlHYCTjkXk71xkLclLlteSgF60YK1O8AuShzir7RSKVztw17CRd9MYfkqOR5o1It4Lfni73Iiz v 5v0xSJWOTtXhehkg

  1. During a call, press the Rec” button at any point to start recording the conversation.
  2. When a recording is in progress the recording button will turn blue.
  3. Press the Record” button again to stop recording. Note that if you are calling from your IP Phone, the call will be recorded until the end of the call.


Manage Recordings

If the administrator has given you the rights, then you will be able to see the list of all your recordings and be able to manage them. You can play the recording through the client or the phone, or delete it directly from the 3CX client. In order to access the recordings:


3CX Web client

  1. Click on the “Recordings” Link.
  2. You can now play or delete your call recordings.


3CX client for Windows

  1. From the bottom menu, click on the Settings” button.
  2. Select the Recordings” tab to access the list. The listed recordings are shown with the following details: extension/phone number, name of the contact, and date and time of the recording. Conference recordings have “700*” as their entry name.
  3. Right click on a recording or select the desired action from the bottom menu:

dmRrTw7aaOOsSsKUnXjafFdfFaMUKiZXXiDGmjD1x1ff04TtNVj acblE7V7EjmZPINGv7qCqyU81AQ2IGMFT4 U EamoyG6e8296zw1PRfxXX6zDcDgaYBSXu2EUfZrCg
  • Play”: this will save the file on your computer. Once the sound file is saved you can open and play the recording from your default media player.
  • Play on Phone”: you will receive a call from the caller ID “PlayFile”. Answer the call to listen to the recording.
  • Delete Recording”

3CX client for Mac

  1. From the Quick Menu, click on Recordings”.
  2. The listed recordings are shown with the following details: Play icon, Incoming/Outcoming call, date and time of the recording, name of the contact (for call recordings) or Conference (for conference recordings).
  3. Select the desired action from the bottom menu:
  • Play”: this will save the file on your computer. Once the sound file is saved you can open and play the recording from your default media player.
  • Play on Phone”: you will receive a call from the caller ID “PlayFile”. Answer the call to listen to the recording.
  • Delete Recording”
  1. By right-clicking on the recording you may choose between the below additional actions:
  • Stop or Pause the playing
  • Call


3CX client for Android

  1. From the dial pad screen, tap on the More” button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the Recordings” tab to access the list. The listed recordings are shown with the following details: extension/phone number, name of the contact, and date and time of the recording. Conference recordings have “700*” as their entry name.
  3. Tap on a recording and select the desired action:
  • Play on Phone”: you will receive a call from the caller ID “PlayFile”. Answer the call to listen to the recording.
  • Delete Recording”


3CX client for iOS

  1. From the dial pad screen, tap on the More” button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the Recordings” tab to access the list. The listed recordings are shown with the following details: extension/phone number, name of the contact, and date and time of the recording. Conference recordings have “700*” as their entry name.
  3. Tap on a recording and select the desired action:
  • Play”
  • Play on Phone”: you will receive a call from the caller ID “PlayFile”. Answer the call to listen to the recording.
  • Delete”

Dial Codes


Dial codes are key/number combinations used to access functions within the phone system directly from your phone. The administrator can change these from the “Management Console > Settings > Dial codes” tab. This section will describe the default dial-codes.

jRsgHE buyuwScPD0kWrTWyDBHe3 bmmvzCe9JdBSrOkXaYar3MeFGXI7Sea2VQqx1cCPw4wr qFHuIWgCvd2QiAylOHUICrsR9Dyy4bnGFylnFmmMb1AY5MgrLhQHeHZg


If you wish to “park” a call and then pick up the call from another extension, you can do so by parking the call in the “Parking orbit”. Alternatively, you can use the “Shared Parking Orbit”. The differences are outlined here:


To park a call 

On an established call to your extension start the “blind transfer procedure” and transfer the call to *0[0-9]. For example, *01 will place the call in the parking orbit 1, *02 will place the call in the parking orbit 2, etc.

To pick up a parked call

Dial *10 to *19 where the 0 – 9 is the park orbit number the call was parked in. For example, calling *11 will pick up any calls parked in parking orbit 1, *12 will pick up any calls parked in parking orbit 2, etc.


Parking Multiple Calls

Parking orbits support parking of multiple calls in the same orbit. Therefore, when unparking, you can add the extension number from which the call was parked to be sure that you un-park the correct call.


For example, if extension 100 parked a call in park 0, this call can be picked up by another extension by keying in *10100. Omitting the extension number otherwise un-parks the longest parked call in the particular orbit.

Note: Call Pickup and Call Park are only available in commercial editions of 3CX Phone System

Pickup a call

If you hear a particular extension ringing, and you know that the owner of that extension is not able to take the call, you can take the call by using the “Call Pickup” feature. To do this, type:



This will redirect the active call from the specified extension to your extension. You can also retrieve a call from a ringing extension without specifying the extension number. To do this, type *20* followed by the send key. This will redirect the longest ringing call to your extension.

Change Profile Status

You can change your status by using the dial code in the following manner: *3[0-4]. 0 is Available”, 1 is Away”, 2 is Do not Disturb”, 3 is Custom 1” and 4 is Custom 2”.

For example, dialing *31 from extension 100, will change the profile status of extension 100 to Away.

Connect to Voicemail of extension

To leave a message in the Voicemail box of a particular Extension: Dial *4.

For example, *4100, will leave a voicemail message in the voicemail box of extension 100.

Setting Do Not Disturb ON / OFF (Deprecating)

To specify DND (Do Not Disturb) for a particular extension:

  • Dial *60 to set the extension to Do Not Disturb: OFF
  • Dial *61 to set the extension to Do Not Disturb: ON

Log extension IN/OUT of queues

To login or logout an extension from Queues you can use the following dial codes:

  • Dial *62 to log extensions into the queues
  • Dial *63 to log extensions out of the queues

For more information on how to manage queue agent status refer to this guide:


The intercom feature allows you to make an announcement to another extension without requiring the other party to pick up the handset. The message will be played via the other phone’s speaker. The audio is two way, and the called party can respond immediately without picking up the handset. Paging is also a group right which must be assigned to an extension. The extension can then use paging within its extension group. If the right is missing, paging calls will be converted to regular calls.


Start an Intercom Call

Prefix the extension you wish to call with *9, followed by the extension. For example, to make an intercom call to extension 100 you should dial: *9100


Important: Intercom dial code is disabled by default. If you want your phone to Auto-answer (only applicable for legacy devices) you need to configure a dial code in the PBX Settings → Advanced → Dial Codes tab. This Dial code must be unique and must not conflict with any of the other dial codes.

Billing Code

The Billing Code allows you to tag specific calls with Billing codes in order to produce reports. So for example, you can have agents use different billing codes when dialing out in order to check total billing for agents or if you are making a call for a particular customer and you will bill them afterwards. To tag calls with billing codes you will need to use ** (default value). This allows you to add a tag to a call you want to make.


For example, whenever you make a call for a particular customer, you want to tag the call with that customer’s billing code (for example 3265), so that you can bill them. When making a call related to a particular customer, the caller is required to dial the number in the following format:




For example, if the number is 17771231233, then the caller needs to dial 17771231233**3265

This billing code can be used as a filter in the 3CX Reports (and in particular the Call Report with filter to destination : Match Billing Code) to see how many calls were made using the specific billing code as shown below.

GZjU sr5i36hje8hScy 8xfkz9tW7FrMnmhvI6Mgt9BeB FDu hIZ1IuB N1a3gQWAY7cgoMh3M5NSdcxLGCGKQsvGSH ObWAD8xtwSXU1ub3tzk9OEnndHMnYm 3B1OtA
Here we see that the billing code has been entered into the “Match Bill Code” textbox. This will query and display all the calls that were made using the “3265” billing code tag.


Force 3CX IN or OUT of Office – Emergency Code

This dial code (which is unspecified by default for security purposes) is a code that when used, will set the entire PBX to either:

  • In office hours
  • Out of Office hours
  • Back to auto switching based on time


This code is designed for emergency services when you need to change the routes of all your VoIP Lines to IN or Out of office quickly with a single phone call.


Usage of this Dial Code

Let us assume that the administrator configures this dial code to be *64 and also assume that the global office hours are set from 9am till 5.30pm.


Setting 3CX to In Office Hours

If the Administrator dials *641 (appends a 1 to the code), a prompt will be played stating that “3CX is now set to IN OFFICE HOURS”. This means that the PBX will disregard the current time, or day (even if it is a holiday) and set all the routes of the Gateways, VoIP Providers and DID/DDI’s to route to the In Office hours destination.

Setting 3CX to Out Of Office Hours

If the Administrator dials *642 (appends a 2 to the code), a prompt will be played stating that “3CX is now set to OUT OF OFFICE HOURS”. This means that the PBX will disregard the current time, or day (even if it is 10am for example) and set all the routes of PSTN Gateways, VoIP Providers and DID/DDI’s to route to the Out of Office hours destination.

Setting 3CX to Default Office Hours Operation

If the Administrator dials *64 (with nothing appended), a prompt will be played stating that “3CX is now using the DEFAULT OFFICE HOURS”. This means that in this example, the PBX will override the previous 2 commands and behave as follows – from 9am till 5.30pm lines/ports will be routed to In Office Hours destinations and from 5.31pm till 8.59am, the lines/ports will be routed to the Out of Office hour destinations.

Mobile Transfer Agent Service

This service allows users to manage forwarded calls to their mobile phones (GSM).

For the Mobile Transfer Service to work, the option “Ring my extension and my mobile at the same time” must be enabled in the extension’s forwarding rule. Other external numbers cannot be used to activate the mobile transfer agent. This service provides the ability to make transfers using DTMF inputs so you can effectively make transfers from your mobile phone. Available only in Pro or Enterprise Edition.


Feature 1: HOLD

While in a call press *80 – This will put the current call on hold.

Feature 2: UN-HOLD

Press *81 – this will un-hold a current held call.

Feature 3: Blind Transfer to an Extension

Press *82# number/extension # – This will make a blind transfer of your current call to the extension or number that you want to.

Example: Transfer a call to extension 105 or an external number 099219095 where 0 is the outbound rule for the call to go out via PSTN.

Dial *82#105# OR *82#099219095# – This will make a blind transfer (*82) of your current PBX call to the dialed extension (105) or number (099219095). Your mobile will disconnect from the call and the PBX call will be connected to 105 or 099219095 respectively.

Feature 4: Attended Transfer

1)         Press *83# number/extension # that you want to transfer the call to

2)         *84 to complete transfer once the recipient answers

Example: When you are in a call press *83#105# – This will put the current call (from the PBX) on hold and make a new call to 105. When 105 answers announce the call to the recipient and dial *84. The 3CX PBX will join the previous held call with 105 and disconnect you from both calls.

Feature 5: Conference

You can now create 3 way conferences using the Mobile Agent Service from your mobile phone. To create a 3 way conference follow the next steps:

  1. Answer the incoming call from the PBX
  2. Press *83#number/extension# to put the current call on hold and call that number
  3. Once the number/extension is picked up dial *85. This will un-hold your previous held call, keep your mobile connected, and transfer the previously held call to the number that you dialed in step 2 thus creating a conference with 3 people

Example: accept incoming call and make a 3 way conference with number 105.

Answer incoming PBX call. Dial on your phone’s keypad *83#105# (this will put the previous call on hold and dial 105)

When 105 answers dial *85 to create a conference between 105, you, and the call you answered at step 1.

Block Outbound Caller ID

You can hide the outbound caller ID on a specific call. To do this just prepend the dialing number with *5. Example: if I want to call the number004412345678 but I want to do this anonymously, dial *5004412345678 or Outbound rule + *5 + Number. Your outbound caller id will be hidden.

Hotel – Maid Codes (15.5 SP1)

Maid codes are specific codes which can tell PMS systems the status of a guest room in a hotel. This depends on PMS integration to be pre-configured. The codes vary for Mitel and Fidelio however the concept of how to control the status of the room is the same. For maid codes to work you must pre-configure an IVR to be a Wake-up Call IVR Service. (Go to Digital receptionist, edit an IVR and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find an option named Wake-up Call IVR Service.)

lJ5ylwnoSk6HkX4Lk8c0 5LedcZD4WCMEPzz93UjkpEgqDQCsrzVwu50l1Nvu0C4dALSyk6rN4lYkdZs6qN017J4elbO49VlFHceHrWMnsuMrJzpCTiBoPEo6LGQN 3oAA
Let’s assume that a maid is in a hotel room and wants to set the room to Dirty/Vacant. From the phone in the room (room = extension number) dial *68* to set the room’s state. Connected PMS systems, such as Fidelio, will be informed to set the room status accordingly. An example for Fidelio, the standard code for Dirty/Vacant is “2”, would be *68*2. PMS connected users will see that this room is now Dirty/Vacant. The default room status codes supported by MITEL and Fidelio are:


MITEL Protocol:

  1. Maid Present
  2. Clean
  3. Not Clean
  4. Out of Service
  5. To be inspected
  6. Occupied/Clean
  7. Occupied/Not Clean
  8. Vacant/Clean
  9. Vacant/Not Clean


Micros Fidelio:

  1. Dirty/Vacant
  2. Dirty/Occupied
  3. Clean/Vacant
  4. Clean/Occupied
  5. Inspected/Vacant
  6. Inspected/Occupied

Instant Chat


3CX Chat allows you to send text messages to other 3CX users. Users with the 3CX smartphone client will be alerted immediately to new chats.


To Start a Chat

  1. In the 3CX client, click or tap the Chat” button/link. On Android and iOS, tap More” and then select Messages/ Chat”.
  2. Press/click Compose Chat” or the plus icon.
  3. This will bring up your company’s extension list. Search or scroll to find the extension that you want to chat with and select it. Click OK” or “Done” to launch the chat window. You can also select multiple contacts and create a group chat.
  4. Click on the entry field at the bottom of the chat window and start writing your message. Press Enter” or “Send”send your message.


Chat History

You can view and delete your chat history. To view the Chat History” press the IHP5lAI6Cp3asghLh7yc8QCzo9yoV7 72Ig5oxCSZOI3n N8d2o15nKYqVeEljkiie1dpNiZb6Ps bDEjhpv6mEBWwQ7cgRwUnH94T4K9EexyvSPlWVZt7cz 4Ws4ippBQ button on the Windows client. On Android, the history appears in tabs above the message panel where you can select from day, week, month or all, and on Mac you must select the Show history” option. To delete the Chat history:

  1. Tap the Chat” UZmJ0v7N1Ntfi9 V8G5pODoB80Wt KHpNSlJNHTvWtvTmOV9h7 2IsWx3U27Hz pTwkAoKiiEqkUyqVDIjC6qqJ8oYsad7V6 kB3P7iVXXNDxwiYPV0zJuHwSFwwhfxguQ button to view your chat log.
  2. On the preferred chat right click (Windows and Mac), long press for Android, or tap “Edit” for iOS. Select “Delete”.
  3. A screen will appear asking you to confirm the deletion, press OK”.

Additional Chat Settings

From here you can configure a variety of helpful settings for using your chat feature. In particular:

  • Chat Sound: You can select from a drop down list your preferred sound for when receiving a chat. Available only for Windows and Mac.
  • Chat Window: By enabling this option, the chat window will automatically open when a chat is received. Available only for Windows and Mac.
  • Block Users: You can select a number of extensions that will not be able to contact you via chat.