New 3CX V15.5 Update With Improvements In CRM, Hosting & Conference Calls.

3CX has released SP3 Beta to deliver a fantastic under-the-hood performance and less memory usage. To improve the 3CX customer experience, some other features come with this new update.

  • Conference Call & Interface Improvements:  Some new features were added to improve the conference call interface:
  1. Internal participants can now be called automatically when a conference starts – this is now a server side option that must be enabled in conference settings.
  2. You can invite people by email to a call conference from the web client.
  3. You can now control participants from the web interface.
  4. The schedule conference interface in the web and mobile clients has been streamlined/improved as well.
  • CRM Integration: If you use 3CX with your CRM, things just got better. The new update comes along with an added support for Zoho CRM or other CRM. Click here for ZOHO CRM for configuration guide or here for other CRM development guide.
  • Hosting Improvement: For 3CX to scale better in the data center and lower the cost of supporting instances, some new features were also added to improve the web client feature:
  1. New Hosting admin account – allows limited access to the system to do maintenance without giving the admin access to the customer data on the machine itself.
  2. Adjust logging level to minimize disk usage
  3. Disk space protection – limits disk space usage once disk appears to be running out of space so that you will not lose access to the machine.
  4. Simplification of server side setup of SSL certificates for secure connections to clients.

Do you need an expert to guide you on this? Do you need to switch from your current IP-PBX software to 3CX?