Must Haves For Every Business Phone

Many small business owners are making the big switch to VoIP.  Regardless of size, businesses require phone systems to provide excellent customer service, enable efficient productivity and ensure that mobile and remote workers can stay connected.

Adopting a VoIP system is effective for businesses to achieve all its communication needs. A VoIP system can inexpensively deliver integrated voice, video conferencing, unified messaging, which can improve business processes, spur collaboration among employees and save money in the long run.


However, before you make the switch, here are features to look out for:


As your business grows, you’ll most likely need to add staff. Adding staff means adding business phone systems.  A good small business IP phone solution grows as a business grows.  By simply adding virtual extensions, the VoIP service can connect multiple offices under one phone; there’s no need for a different provider of VoIP phones for small business in each location.


Many small business employees are constantly on the go, often out on customer visits, outside meetings, and the like. With VoIP phone systems, users can enjoy calling features like advanced call forwarding to route calls to several numbers simultaneously, use virtual extensions from any PC and have the liberty to take calls anywhere.

Easy to use

Since VoIP phone systems can be managed through an easy-to-use web interface that is accessible through any internet-enabled device like a PC, phone or a tablet. Once logged in, users have full command of the system, giving the features of their existing phone they never had before. With this, business hours can even be set based on whether or not personnel is available to take calls at any given time.


Small businesses may not have huge travel budgets, but there is no reason not to scale their business geographically, with the power of an updated small business phone system. Modernized conferencing can bring together various parties using the same types of tools larger businesses use.  VoIP systems aids collaborations and remote meetings by making it possible for online meetings with screen-sharing to be escalated to HD video conferencing with the push of a button. Now you can have meetings with offices across the country like they are in the next room.

Seamless Communications 

VoIP phone systems improve efficient communication overall by providing the benefits of integration. This includes voicemails which can be sent to email, emails which can be accessed through a chat window and a feature to showcase the presence of co-workers that are currently available. Now, you never have to worry about missing voicemails or important memos.