Moderating Users and holding Surveys made easy with 3CX

Being able to modify a conference or an online meeting on the spot is very important for your performance and your customers’ satisfaction. The 3CX WebMeeting feature allows you moderate both the participants and the meeting rooms.

Moderating Users

With the 3CX, the facilitator of a meeting can provide additional rights to the participants depending on their role. A participant in a meeting can play any of these three roles:

  1. Organizer –  The organizer has full control of the web meeting. He/she can take advantage of all the available features as well as control camera, microphone and chat access. He can also accept, reject or kick a user out of a meeting.
  2. Presenter – The presenter can only share the screen, reply to a remote Control request, polling and share PDF.
  3. Participant –  The participant can only request for remote control assistance.

The organizer of the meeting also has the ability to kick a user out of a meeting by clicking on the user’s name and selecting the “Kick option”

Create Surveys and Poll your Audience

Surveys are a great way to enrich engagement and add value to your web meetings or webinars. A survey is a great way to get responses and gather data regarding a specific topic while polls can give value to the other participants’ ideas and suggestions. With 3CX WebMeeting, you can actively engage your audience and enable them to provide feedback.

There you have it, 3CX WebMeeting allows you to create, edit, delete” and submit” surveys conveniently.