Managed IT services –  The “what” and “why”

“What is Managed Services?” “What do MSPs do?” These are questions businesses frequently ask. Although “Managed IT services” may seem like a term relevant for only big companies, small businesses have a whole lot to gain! Managed IT Services simply refers to an agreement where businesses outsource some of their everyday technical operations to an IT firm so they can focus on running their businesses optimally.  

 Why then do I need a Managed Service Provider for my business? might be the next that pops into your head. Well, that’s quite simple, a Managed Service Provider is the ultimate solution all your business’ IT challenges.

Some of the benefits your business stands to gain from Managed IT services include:

  1.    Value for money: Your MSP is incentivized to do a great job; they want to diminish problems for your organization because they have KPIs and target directly linked to the efficiency of your IT.
  2.   Unlimited IT support: With all the tools available to MSPs, threats are acted on immediately and therefore, you are able to prevent viruses, downtimes, and inefficiency of any sort.
  3.  Work efficiency: Managed Service Providers allow your IT person to focus on what really needs to be done rather than being tied up with the daily maintenance of your IT infrastructure.
  4. Comprehensive insight and analysis: Insight into the activities of your business is necessary to determine how you will allocate your budget for the future. MSPs can provide in-depth analysis what you need to be planning for in your IT department.
  5. Improved Security: Security is a major concern of every business owner. Managed Service packages generally offer a solution to monitor your Firewall, Anti-Virus, and apply the latest updates to make sure your network is as secure as possible

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