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Improving productivity with VoIP

Every business owner strives to grow and one great benchmark for that is measuring productivity. So, it is little wonder why every business strives to improve productivity. There is a myriad of tools to help any business accomplish this task but one that doesn’t come...

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How VoIP Can Help Improve Customer Experience

In today’s world of business, customer satisfaction and good customer experience are of optimum importance so as to keep your customers and make them loyal to you. Out of so many things that could be done to satisfy your customers, the importance of a responsive...

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Must Haves For Every Business Phone

Many small business owners are making the big switch to VoIP.  Regardless of size, businesses require phone systems to provide excellent customer service, enable efficient productivity and ensure that mobile and remote workers can stay connected. Adopting a VoIP...

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The 3CX Client for iOS

In the last blog, we addressed the 3CX for Android. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our iOS users! Just as the 3CX client for Android offers extraordinary communications on the go, the 3CX client for iOS is much more than just an app for making calls. The 3CX...

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The 3CX Client for Android

Are you making the most of 3CX? The 3cx client for Android devices offers far more than just making and receiving calls and so. The 3CX client for Android provides your team members the flexibility of working from various locations exactly like they were on their...

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