5 Reasons why Small Business Need Business phones

One piece of technology that proves to be very necessary for efficient business operation, even with the growing ubiquity of computers across all fields, is the business phone!

Despite the growth of computers, the use of business phones proves to help in improving efficiency productivity and overall success of businesses.  Here are five reasons why it’s important for small businesses to have business phones.


  1. It Provides Legitimacy to your Brand

When looking at a new company to buy products from or work with, prospects lookout for a phone number.

According to a survey carried out by Google, 47% of people searching on mobile, will look for another company if they don’t see a phone number in a company’s ad.

Having a great location or even an outstanding website isn’t enough, having a phone number adds a layer of legitimacy.


  1. You never miss an important call

As business owners, we can understand the power of answering a client’s call at first beep.  Customers want to get an answer there and then!

Having a business phone means your team can deal with a query immediately it comes in. This also helps when you get calls from potential clients looking to find information to help them make a decision.


  1. It improves productivity and efficiency

Having small business phones help to boost the efficiency and productivity of your team members as everyone has a flexible communication system.

Using a VoIP system means you can easily integrate with other cloud-based applications, providing remote team members access to all the features they need to get the job done just as competently as if they were in the office such as a Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant, Never Miss a Call or Call Center solutions.


  1. It helps improve customer service

In the event that you can’t answer a call, your business phone system can enable you to send messages automatically, letting them know that you care.

VoIP system also has various features integrated on it that helps you easily manage and forward calls, conduct video conferences, and audio conference calls. With these features, you don’t have to keep your customers hanging for too long.


  1. It creates value

Effective business phone systems become a part of your business’ infrastructure which ensures operations run smoothly and consistently; new hires can also be quickly integrated into this system.

Businesses that effectively utilize systems find themselves winning against their competition. Choosing the right telephone system is one of the most important decisions you make for your business.


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