The 3CX Client for iOS

In the last blog, we addressed the 3CX for Android. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our iOS users! Just as the 3CX client for Android offers extraordinary communications on the go, the 3CX client for iOS is much more than just an app for making calls.

The 3CX client for iOS allows users to easily take their office extension with them wherever they go. They can make and receive calls, chat, check the presence of colleagues, and participate in video conferences exactly as if they were sat at their desk.

The 3cx client for iOS devices allows team members answer calls via the office phone extension more efficiently and provide better customer service by enabling them to easily transfer calls to someone that is available.


You can also integrate your device’s phonebook with 3CX and keep all of your contact’s together in one place whilst keeping your personal contact private.  The 3CX phonebook separates entries by placing the 3CX logo next to internal contact, so there is no need to worry about mixing up personal and special numbers.

From the phonebook, simply tap on the contact to make a call, leave a voicemail, start a conference call, chat, or send an Email. All of these features and more are available right from the palm of your hand.


Upgrade your communication, try 3CX today!

You can read more about the 3CX client for iOS here